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QuickDraw Card Co is a veteran owned entertainment company specialising in military and emergency services themed playing cards, trading cards and digital assets.

What makes Quick Draw unique is the artwork has been animated from real life scenarios and individuals. Many hours of research and conversations with individuals involved is what allows us to make accurate and realistic designs with a GTA/Cartoon twist.
Quick Draw is offering unique digital assets minted on the NFT market place OpenSea.  By offering our customers the chance to own 1/1 minted digital assets it allows you to collect, own, re-sell and be part of the wider Quick Draw community.

To celebrate launching our first NFTs we are offering the chance to own a unique 1/1 minted short video featuring all the ace of spades from our playing cards collection.

As we continue producing decks of playing cards each ace of spade will be launched into the collection available for sale. 

As we continue producing our playing cards and trading cards, a select few will be chosen to be released as a short video to purchase as a digital asset. 

Each of the three NFTs can be bought using crypto currency using the link above.  Below is a copy of one of the NFTs for sale.

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